The Rookie

Set in a lethal pro football league 700 years in the future, THE ROOKIE is a story that combines the intense gridiron action of “The Blindside” with the space opera style of “Star Wars” and the criminal underworld of “The Godfather.” Aliens and humans alike play positions based on physiology, creating receivers that jump 25 feet into the air, linemen that bench-press 1,200 pounds, and linebackers that literally want to eat you. Organized crime runs every franchise, games are fixed and rival players are assassinated. Follow the story of Quentin Barnes, a 19-year-old quarterback prodigy that has been raised all his life to hate, and kill, those aliens. Quentin must deal with his racism and learn to lead, or he’ll wind up just another stat in the column marked “killed on the field.”
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Dec 17, 2014

Coach Hokor thinks Quentin could be the best player in the league two to three years from now. Gredok tells Hokor they don't have that long. The Krakens must win this season if Hokor wants to keep his job. Quentin is busting his ass to adjust to the speed of Tier Two, but he's got a long way to go. The Krakens arrive home at Ionath City, which is located on the planet Ionath.

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